Friday, March 12, 2010

La Paz to Arampampa

I traveled for a week with Save the Children to document their programs from the city of La Paz to the village of Arampampa in the Andes mountains, and towns throughout the way. These are some images I shot, when I wasn't on the job.

We departed the city of La Paz at 6am to travel to our first destination, Caracollo. 

We departed Caracollo for Oruro, Oruro to Cochabamba.  When we departed for Arampampa our journey took us 4 hours into the Andes mountains. 


My second day In Arampampa I took a walk down the side of the mountain in the evening.  As I turned a corner of the small foot path, I came across a man with his herd of sheep, donkeys, cows and a few dogs.  With nothing to do but stand there and try to get out of the way  the sheep began to scramble up the side of the mountain away from me.