Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A couple of days ago I had the honor of going to the House of Sharing and spending some time with the Halmoni who are living there. Below are some photos of Kim, Hwa-seon Halmoni.

It was well worth the scramble once I made it to the top of Iwangsan, the Shamanist Hillside. This is a view of Seoul, overlooking Gwanghwamun.

This past weekend I headed up to Hwacheon, a rural town about 3 hours north east of Seoul.

The Wednesday Demonstration

Last week I attended the weekly demonstration in front of the Japanese Embassy held by the Korean Council. Here one of the halmoni (the Korean word for grandmother which is the term used to refer to the survivors) is speaking to the crowd of demonstrators. Each week the demonstration brings out a diverse group of supporters: nuns, tourists, Koreans and even Japanese citizens. The demonstrations will continue until the Japanese government makes an official apology, as they deny to this day that they are responsible for forcing women into sexual slavery during WWII.


I've come to notice the large number of churches in and around the area of Ilsan especially.

The skyline is filled with crosses and there is even an influence throughout shopping malls.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

South Korea

On December 4th I'll be headed to South Korea for 2 weeks! Check back in to follow my adventure through Korea!